"BENNIC"- A professional acoustic For TV / Soundbar , CO-Axial speakers , Crossover network use parts , Especially in Axial Electrolytic capacitors , Bi-Polar (Non-Polar) Electrolytic capacitors & Film capacitors , Inductors , Wire wound resistor & divider network, Factories located both in Taiwan and China.

Prodcut Application:
1. Soundbar
2. Space Limited Car Audio System
3. Surrounding Speaker System
4. Cable Harness

"BENNIC"是專業的音響零件, 家庭劇院喇叭, 汽車同軸喇叭, 分音器製造商, 非常專精於音響用無極性電解電容器與塑膠電容器, 臥式電解電容器, 及電感器, 水泥繞線電阻, 分頻網路, 我們在台灣及中國均有生產工廠, 選擇我們成為貴公司的供應商, 將更提升貴公司的競爭力

1. Soundbar 家庭娛樂揚聲器
2. 車載音響系統
3. 環繞音響系統
4. Cable Harness 線束

"BENNIC" is One-Stop solution For divider network parts.

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